Group Travel In New Zealand

group travelTravelling in a group can be a much more fun, safe and relaxing way to explore a country. While New Zealand is a safe country in terms of crime, there are still dangers with going hiking and walking on your own, and the more people you have together, the better you can keep an eye on each other’s belongings. Travelling with people also allows you to relax and let someone else handle some of the organisation and logistics – or even just pick which restaurant you’ll go to for dinner. There are many ways to travel in a group in New Zealand, whether you have a pre-established travel circle or not, and there are many benefits to be had.

If you have a group of people interested in travelling to New Zealand together, you can book your airline tickets together to ensure you all arrive at the same time and get seated as close together as possible. Depending on the time of booking, you may be able to secure discounts this way as well. Because of the extra logistics required, it’s highly recommended that you book all your transportation well in advance to ensure you have enough space.

If you don’t have people already in mind to travel with, a group tour is a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends for life. You can take either a long-term tour through the country with accommodation and transportation supplied for you such as the adventure tours provided by Flying Kiwi, or you can schedule your own itinerary and join groups at various activities. The advantage of the latter is that you may be able to get better deals on accommodation, and you can choose your own pace and what you want to see while still having company. However if you prefer to leave the organisation to someone else, taking a group tour all the way through allows you to focus on your experiences.

When travelling as a group, bear the following tips in mind:

  • Allow extra time for travel, especially getting to and from airports or stations. It takes a lot longer to wrangle a group of people.
  • People need their alone time – make sure you have days where people can split up and do their own thing.
  • Take into account everyone’s wish list, and be prepared to negotiate and compromise.
  • Book well in advance, as it can be difficult to accommodate groups at the last minute.

Group travel in New Zealand can be easier in terms of stress and cost, but it generally requires a little extra organisation and care.